Looking For The Energy Drink TV Ad?

Screenshot from a K-Fee TV ad.Based on the search terms people come to this site with, I know that there’s a bunch of folks looking for the “energy drink ad,” or “K-fee TV commercial,” or “scary German,” or some such. Most people end up finding my story about Zygo energy vodka, and completely miss my story about the (deceptively titled) serene, calming video where I first linked the energy drink TV.

Let me eliminate the confusion now. The K-fee energy drink TV commercial is here (or there, or there).

[update:] There’s another K-Fee ad in a similar style.

[update:] this entry was moved from Jan 4 because some search engines haven’t found the right link to it yet.

[update:] The Lycos.de link is dead and another of the links above now redirects to a forum that has a link to the file. Find it there, or follow this direct link.

[update:] I think all the above links are dead, though these links appear to be working now: scary car commercial and scary yoga video. Look for more links in the comments below.

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115 thoughts on “Looking For The Energy Drink TV Ad?

  1. I would just like to thank you for maintaining active links to this video. Your diligent work in actually making sure that the dead links are replaced with current ones is a great service to mankind that is seen all to little in this neglected internet world of broken links and wonderful files that become lost forever. Thank you for making the effort to preserve the zombie car ad for all of us to enjoy. Furthermore, it’s through this page and the comments that I found the other five commercials that I never even knew existed! There are no words to express my joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Mine Truly,

  2. every one who wants to see this video go to google video search and type in energy drink and go down and then you can send to your friends

  3. Um… hello… i already saw the video… i saw it a long time ago, but i forgot about it and i just clicked on it a few minutes ago while i was looking for something else. I knew what it was as soon as it started playing, but i thought i could watch it anyway. Afterall, that was a long time ago. Surely i was over it by now. I was so wrong… I screamed. I cried too. I’m such a wimp. It’s not my fault though! Someone could have warned poor Koneko Baby what she was clicking on! I am sad now… Okay, all better… I just sent the link to my very bestest friend in the whole world… MY BIG BROTHER!!!!!! I know he will be scared. Not as scared as me though, but atleast he’ll atleast be a little bit shocked when that thing pops up… if not, he’ll atleast be shocked that i sent it to him. I was so convincing. I know he will watch it… because i asked him to. I told him that it was something else and that i was scared and i asked him to watch the video and tell me wether or not he thinks there’s a real ghost in it. I am so evil. ^_^

  4. ahaaaaa ahhhahahaha omg hahaha oh my oh my dat so freaked da hell out of me, dis has gotta be da best ad-(out of breath) i cant stop watching it!!!!

  5. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That was the scariest picture of my sister that i have ever seen

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