2004 Tech Roundup

It’s getting a little late for these roundup things, but I’m too tired with post-New Year’s party haze to come up with much of anything better right now.

Annalee Newitz subtitles her website with “technology, pop culture, sex.” Her index of stories isn’t actually a roundup per se, but it’s good material if you’re too lazy to leave the couch and find a book to re-read off the shelf (because you’ve read all you new books by now, right?).

Then, DefenseTech has been rounding up their year of stories this past week.

Five topics for five days include:

Pain rays, laser jets, and stun gun shockers.

Nukes spread, labs clamp down.

Space war, moon bases, and spysat mysteries.

Explosive, sticky, ad-hoc armor.

Drone doggies, robo-copters, and more.

I’m definitely trying to avoid the standard “year in gadgets” or “year’s best music” roundup. The above relate to technology and it’s role in defense and in pop culture. Fortunately, These should be the last of such stories I’ll post/link to.

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