Slacking Is Universal

In yet another reminder from Mainichi Daily News that American’s and Japanese aren’t so different, now they’re reporting: coeds say college guys ‘childish, irresponsible, stupid.’ A survey of 300 female students selected from 15 universities located in either Osaka, Kyoto or Kobe reveals:

A majority of the 300 women polled said that their main impression of male students is that they are childish, the 52.3 percent given to the most frequent answer followed by the 45 percent who thought guys are kind and 40.3 percent who said they were stupid.

The five words that best describe up male students, according to the survey: childish, stupid, irresponsible, thoughtless and liars. And what do the respondents really think about men? “Many have got no goals and are merely frittering their lives away.”

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