iPod Hacks

iPod Mini at Amazon.Hack-a-Day has just given me the best reason I’ve seen yet to take a closer look at iPod Linux: audio input without the cheap dohicky accessories and at up to 96KHz x 16bit. The five step instructions couldn’t be much simpler (well, it might be more complex once a person actually tries it, but the comments suggest good success).

Hack-a-Day is covering lots of iPod hacks (much to the consternation of some readers, but they’re just jealous ’cause they don’t have one). Most important: DRM relief using JHymn. Read the philosophical statement to understand.

Hack-a-Day’s iPod coverage doesn’t iPodHacks, however. If you’re still reading this far, you should probably go look there.

295 thoughts on “iPod Hacks

  1. need the serial # and name for ipod access v4.2.2 osx please!!!!!!!thelividrival@gmail.com

  2. Please help me to get the Name and Serial # for Ipod access v4.2.2


    Email me :anasstasija@inbox.lv

  3. Da auch ich lange gesucht habe, aber schließlich noch auf einer Privatseite fündig wurde:

    Podworks: Serial Number Name: Cam Chung
    Serial Number: podwrks000-0A3A-44HL-3BR1-2WND-5K0A

    Wenn man es selbst online stellt…tja!
    Aber funktioniert 😉

  4. I could really use the registration key for ipod access v4.1.1
    I can’t find it anywhere, and I could really used. please someone help me out!!!


  5. hi
    i can’t find a code for IPOD2IPOD for windows… can’t remember the version but the ‘build number’ is:

    i would use ipod access or podworks, but i need to clone one ipod to another without itunes… do either of these actually do this?
    thanks a lot! 🙂

  6. I have been looking everywhere for a license key for the, “Ipod 2 Ipod” software. Anyone know I can get one?

  7. OMG… Thank you Venessa
    Ps when you enter her code turn caps on and use the hyphens, make it loke exactly the way hers looks.

  8. Hi There, i used the serial number and name provided by vanessa for Ipod access, and now its saying that it wont work
    is there anyway that i could get another code and a way to keep it working.
    Thank you

  9. Kindly email me the serial number name and serial number ipod access windows v 4.4.1



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