iSight Accessories And Beauty Tips

Apple iSight.MacDevCenter published a guide on How to Look Great on iChat AV back in March. The point? Video is changing telecommunications:

No longer can we sit in grubby geek glee, protected by our avatar shields, wearing only uniforms of underwear. Endangered are the days where we can pass digital transmissions and gas simultaneously, picking our noses with one hand, and stuffing pizza down our throats with the other. Slowly but surely video is changing that, and sooner or later you’re going to find yourself beamed up into someone’s iChat AV window. At that instant, you probably don’t want to suddenly realize you’re a redshirt.

The story gives tips on how to position the camera and frame the shot, lighting, makeup — yes, makeup — and even etiquette.

It’s written by the folks over at Joy of Tech, where you’ll find a review of one of the most useful looking iSight accessories on the market: the SightFlex (and its sibling, the iFlex).

Thinking of iSight accessories, Kaidan is offering an iSight kit with tripod adapter, mini tripod, and 37mm threaded lens adapter (so you can put a wide angle lens or that fancy filter on your favorite webcam).

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