Holiday Deals On Macs

iPod Mini at Amazon.MacNN gave me the heads up that Apple had reshuffled its refurb and discount shelves late last week. Shoppers got as much as 27% off selected items, with previous generation models being unloaded at the best discounts. Thing is, the deals were picked up quick, and the store seems to be empty of the best of them. The 1GHz iBook that was current until this Fall was going for $700, and the 1.25GHz 15″ PowerBook — the one with the DVD burner and lighted keyboard — was going for $1800.

When it comes to getting info on non-current Macs The Apple Museum and Every Mac are the places to look. After a quick glance at both (one & two), I decided that PowerBook was the one for me. I’m just glad I moved quickly.

And for those who missed the portable deals, you can still pickup an eMac with superdrive for $799, or with combo drive for $650 all with free shipping.