Exploring Coudal

Last week I noted the SHHH project to hush noisy cell phone users by Draplin and Coudal. Today, I spent some time surfing the Coudal site and found a few things.

Jewelboxing is Coudal’s answer to lousy CD jewel boxes and DVD cases that aren’t much better.

The Super Jewel Box King was developed in conjunction with Phillips at the same time as the DVD. The Standard was designed and introduced shortly after. Super Jewel Box cases have been popular in Europe and Japan for some time. In America, the cheaper, molded plastic cases have lowered expectations for CD and DVD packaging, but that’s just one more reason that your project will stand out with the Jewelboxing System.


We created Jewelboxing to allow individuals to produce a short-run of high-end packages and to give them the freedom to concentrate on the most important part of the job, the creative. We’ve chosen the Super Jewel Box King and Standard cases, created complementary components of the highest quality and made precise design templates for virtually all major design and publishing software programs.

Prices start at $50 for 30 CD-sized or 20 DVD-sized cases, and go to $200 for 150 or 100.

Jewelboxing doesn’t sell media, so you’ll have to get handy with CD/DVD labels, buy a printer, or go check out 5inch.com to get a disc that is worthy of the Super Jewel Box.

Also among the links at Coudal was this on to a Dutch language website about “particular historical filling stations.” It’s an interesting collection with photos of classic modern and art deco architecture. Good stuff in six galleries: 123456.

Finally, Coudal points to Barely Socially Acceptable at Life Outtacontext as another example of the shift against those who babble loudly into cell phones.

Every month Jeff Gates performs what he calls a monodialog on the subway, by stitching together pieces from mobile phone conversations culled from reality.

Next week: The Draplin site.