Gear And Gadget Reviews

Gizmodo popped a link over Dan Washburn’s gadget round up. Dan had been on a four month road trip through China, and has now posted the results of how his gear stood up to the trek.

On the trip he took an iPod with a media reader, extended battery, and voice recorder mic; two cameras — Cannon S30 and S80; an iPaq with keyboard and GPRS modem; and a Garmin eTrex. Some worked better than others, some didn’t work at all.

Closer to home, Glenn Fleishman at WiFiNetNews writes that the Wired Test special issue is out on the magazine racks and available as PDF for free. “It’s worth a solid look if you’re planning to purchase practically any electronics gear in any major category.”

The Wired thing is obviously timed to take advantage of the holiday buying season (it was released a month ago), but, as they say at Cat And Girl: “it’s time to overcompensate for our year-long disregard of others and buy them shiny things.”

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