Cult of Mac, Cult of Newton, Cult of iPod

Saab Cars.No Starch Press recently released Leander Kahney’s The Cult of Mac. BookBlog notes:

Are there trade shows for toasters? Of course not. So why is there a twice-yearly show devoted to a type of [computer] consumer? Well, a computer isn’t just a computer when it’s a Mac, and Macintosh fans will go to great lengths to celebrate their devotion.

The book is a followup to the regular Cult Of Mac reporting in Wired News.

And thinking of Cult of Mac, Kahney recently did a story about John Charlton, a Newton user who remains fanatically devoted to the uber-PDA that Apple killed off in 1998 (I still have mine and haven’t seen anything that beats it).

A nod to Engadget for tipping me off to this one. It’s worth looking at the comments for a feeling of how devoted Newton users are.

And it was Engadget that brought news of some iPod firmware hacking to me. They’ve got a pretty detailed post/tutorial. It all started with a post to the iPodHacks forum. The story has legs. Leander Kahney was quick to report the news at the Cult of Mac blog, and posted a followup the next day.