Saab Is Latest Car Maker To Get Excited About iPods

Saab Cars.MacNN reports that Saab has released an iPod integration kit:

Saab has quietly introduced its own iPod/MP3 Player audio integration system. The new system, listed in the most recent Saab Accessories Catalog from October 2004, offers direct input for and control of the iPod on its Saab 9-3, according to one MacNN reader: “I spoke with the parts department at my dealership and they confirmed that it’s available. Evidently it’s wired through to the center console armrest and will be out of site. A tech told me the unit has power and will be able to control the iPod from the steering wheel controls. I took this to mean switching songs via the OnStar / radio controls that are stock on Saab 9-3s.”

Of note: new Saabs apparently have some built-in windows-based computer that crashes a bunch. Or, at least it crashed once and somebody got a picture, the blog story really doesn’t give much context. Here’s to hoping the iPod integration works better.

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8 thoughts on “Saab Is Latest Car Maker To Get Excited About iPods

  1. Saab 93 SS does not have the capability to control the IPOD via steering wheal or audio controls.

    The 93 has a simple FM audio input jack in the center armrest. You need to operate the IPOD from the base unit.

  2. The cable is part #32000102, and an adapter is needed (this can be found at any Radio Shack according to the Saab parts guy I spoke with) to connect it with the rear of the stereo. Will give feedback when it’s installed.

  3. I recently had my 93 ipod adapter installed, likewise my idiot saab technician failed to inform me that it will only work if it is connected via a tape deck. My saab does not have a tape deck …. so go figure.
    I am going back to sh@t in his lunchbox.

  4. Hi,
    I’ve just brought a 93 convertible with i pod connection installed and was wondering if you knew where i can get a cable that fits as i’ve looked every where.

  5. hi man
    Hi have an Saab 93 sport combie from 2006 so i have an aux input. Do u know where i can get a good aux caple to plg my sansa mp3 player to my Saab, If so that will be great. It would be handy if it was an aux input cable which is being sold in Germany cause thats where i am at the moment 😛 .. thx man

  6. I have an 2004 saab 9-3 arc and need to know how to use my bluetooth phone with it or hook it up some how and also an ipod to just bought for the wife so any info would be great.

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