Mobile Carrier Wireless Networking, Take 2

I took a long look at mobile wireless data service back in September. Now, Engadget says:

They’re currently test-marketing a new wireless data plan called Mobile Media that costs fifteen bucks a month (the same as Sprint PCS Vision) and gives you unlimited data usage and access to their new streaming video service […] Assuming everything goes as planned, they’ll be introducing the new service in January.

I guess I have to look at Sprint PCS again, because last time I looked, prices were $40 to $80. But those are data-only prices, maybe the $15/month is in addition to a PCS voice plan.

I’d meant to include a link to Junxion’s Junxion Box, a router with both wired and cellular data backhaul.

The Junxion Box enables laptops and desktops with standard Ethernet or Wi-Fi to quickly access cellular data networks. No special software is needed because Junxion handles the complexity of connecting with wireless PC card modems. Once linked to the Junxion Box, users can also perform local area networking tasks like file sharing and network printing. Administration and settings are handled through Junxion’s Device Manager.

Of course, anybody who knows what he or she is doing can get a cell-data connection on their Mac laptop, then click a button to share that connection via ethernet or WiFi (yes, you could in fact do this on many OSs, but MacOS really does make it easier than others). Or, this is the sort of thing that many people want from their carputer — their in-car-computer.

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