IUG 2003: Library Portal Integration

Elaine Allard and I will be presenting on Library Portal Integration at the IUG 2003 in San Jose, CA. Two sessions have been scheduled for Sunday, April 28th: 9am and 4:30pm.

Our description, in the program guide:

Like many colleges, Plymouth State College is working to consolidate its online resources inside a portal. Within this single point of service students can register for classes and check their grades, faculty can review their rosters and post grades, and staff can review benefits and vacation time. This presentation describes how the PSC’s Lamson Library became part of the portal party so that patrons can view their record and access WAM-protected databases — all inside the portal. The presentation will include technical aspects of integration between our portal (Campus Pipeline), student information system (POISE, moving to BANNER), and library system (Innovative, of course), as well as some brief discussion of the politics and philosophy of this integration.

At the IUG 2003 Site: Library Portal Integration. More information at the Plymouth State University site: Library Portal Integration.