What’s Up With Lowell And Donuts?


Donut Shack

01-DonutShack 02-DonutShack 03-DonutShack 04-DonutShack 05-DonutShack 06-DonutShack


07-Eat-a-Donut 08-Eat-a-Donut 09-Eat-a-Donut 10-Eat-a-Donut 11-Eat-a-Donut 13-Eat-a-Donut 14-Eat-a-Donut

Still Hungry


Top Donut

16-TopDonut 17-TopDonut 18-TopDonut 19-TopDonut 20-TopDonut 21-TopDonut 22-TopDonut 23-TopDonut

See the full What’s Up With Lowell And Donuts Flickr photoset with slideshow. Follow that with the Post-Donut Tour photo set.

Story/explanation/narrative to follow. Sometime.

Road-trip Music:

We compared the Magnetic Fields’ original version of Book of Love from the 69 Love Songs set to the new Peter Gabriel rendition from the Shall We Dance soundtrack.

We spent much time laughing at and singing along with William Shatner’s new album: Has Been, especially the faux-Western title track: Has Been.

As much as Shatner’s new album rocks, his art is really the spoken word. He doesn’t sing so much as talk…with style. To that end, I had to share some Ken Nordine tracks with the donut-eating crowd.

Finally, after getting our fill of Nordine and Shatner, we cruized around listening to Swearing at Motorists and other tracks from 69 Love Songs.

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