Ludicorp Will Be Flooded With Under-qualified Applicants

Job ads reveal a lot about a company, what technology they use, what they’re developing, and what sort of culture they have. This one from Ludicorp/Flickr caught my eye:

Starting immediately, we’re looking for a great technical operations person. The ideal candidate can grow into a leadership role in technical operations and has broad practical experience on both the systems and networks sides.


  • 5 years system administration experience with Linux and Apache (some network administration experience strongly preferred)
  • Experience with both 32 and 64bit systems
  • Experience with both hardware and software approaches for load balancing web serving and database traffic
  • Experience in firewall administration and best practices for security<
  • Basic network design and administration
  • Current knowledge of hardware systems (servers and networking gear)
  • Prior experience running mid-sized systems (>30 servers)

Bonus characteristics:

  • Expertise with MySQL, Squid and/or ImageMagick
  • Experience in storage clustering
  • General programming and scripting skills (especially php, perl, java)
  • Systems architecture/planning experience
  • Experience dealing with vendors (negotiation, support contracts, etc.)
  • Lifting heavy servers into cages
  • Good screwdriver skills (e.g., tighten, loosen)
  • Know how to wear a pager … with style
  • Management/team leadership experience

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