The Campaign For Klem the Killer Klown

Jones Soda, the folks who make the extra-flavored pop with the intersting photos on the label have an online gallery where you can submit works to appear on future labels and vote on works already submitted.

Roderick’s girlfriend Toni submitted an piece and he’s campaigning for it:

Hey there. Toni is trying to get her Klem the Killer Klown banner on a Jones Soda bottom. Help her out by voting for her image! Remember, you SHOULD give her a 10! 😉

Face it, your vote didn’t count much on November 2nd, so why pretend like i’t gold plated now. Go vote for it.

Toni, who paints banners for sideshow acts among many other things, says “Klem is loosely based on KoKo the Killer Clown who performed at the sideshow in Coney Island.” Like I said, go stuff the ballot box.

Along the way, notice that Jones is offering the ultimate vanity item: myJones. They claim their personalization process has been granted a patent, which makes me wonder how that relates to the Cafe Press Create and Buy program.

Related: Jones also makes Whoop Ass energy drink. The company has close ties to a flavor producer; their formula is simple: flavor and style. I mentioned them in my Zygo: The Last Energy Drink.