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iPodLounge has posted a lengthy buyers guide for the iPod and accessories. It’s a whopping PDF — they call it retro because it’s in magazine format. Whatever, it’s packed with details and includes comparison reviews.

Mac360 is offering up a chatty review of the iPod Photo. Tera poked around and found an odd “Photo Import” command lurking in the menus. Could this be the feature that allows camera users to import memory card contents directly? Tera couldn’t make it work, but couldn’t find any other answer either.

Finally Engadget posted a how-to about extracting audio files from iPods. “once you put your tunes on an iPod […] it’s a one-way sync unless you know the tricks for getting them off.” The guide has instructions for Mac and Windows users.

As postscript, I’ll mention that the In Car iPod stories are some of the most popular at MaisonBisson.

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  1. hi, i don’t know if you are someone who could help me, but my CPU with half of my songs on it crashed, and I have another one, and I want to import all the songs on my ipod onto my other computer, but I can’t seem to be able to figure out how. any ideas? thanks -Will

  2. well, you have a two ways that i know of. one is that you have to use your ipod like a hard drive. if you go to apple’s support menu on their websit, they have a video showing how to do that. the other way is much easier. pay $20 for a program calle podmaxx. this way you can take music from your ipod and put it on your computer. the other way is not puting playlists, and any other songs you might have gotten elsewhere on your new computer. it’s just transfering your itunes library.

  3. i am having the same problem! i had to wipe my hard drive and now i need to get all my songs back on to itunes FROM my ipod

  4. Hi. Similar problem, accept im stuck with my photos. I changed computer & used my ipod 2 store my photos that wer on my old comp, now i don’t know how 2 get them on2 nu comp. It won’t work as a hard drive.. if you mean by accessing the files via my computer then drag nd drop them etc, ???? it wnt wrk tht way… do i buy tht sme thing?!!? Thnks

  5. Hia… I recently had that problem too.
    To get your music from iPod to new/wiped computer without buying a program to do it is quite simple.

    First, make sure that iTunes is NOT installed…otherwise, it will wipe your iPod clean and leave you looking reaally stupid!

    Then, with no iTunes, plug in your iPod.

    Open My Computer and after a while the computer will recognise the iPod and display it as “Drive F” or similar.

    Open this drive. At first, there will be a few folders with randomly named things inside them.

    Ignore these. Unless you have done this previously, go to Control Panel, then (assuming you have XP – previous versions might be different) select “Appearance and Themes”.

    Near the bottom right, there is a picture of a folder with a tick over it called “Folder Options”. Open it.

    Select the “view” tab.

    Under the second section called “Hidden Files and Folders”, select “show hidden files and folders”.

    Click Apply then Ok.

    Close folder options, and return to Drive F (your iPod).

    This time, when you open it, there should be an extra folder slightly lighter in colour than the others called “iPod_Control”. This is a hidden folder.

    Copy and paste this folder to anywhere on your Documents. This might take a while.

    Move the folder to somewhere that you are happy with it staying and call it what you want, because deleting, moving or renaming it after the next step will mean you have to redo the next parts.

    Only now install iTunes. Go to File > Add Folder to library. Browse across to your newly pasted folder and click ok or add or whatever.

    Wait for all the tunes to be added. Wallah! you’re done! iTunes should now hold your entire previous library.


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  6. Joe, I tried that but it doesn’t work. I go to file > add folder> icontrol_copy [my name for the folder], but itunes just doesn’t do anything. Help?

  7. Never mind, I figured it out. The trick it to unhide the folder and uncheck the read-only option.

  8. i want to put the new songson my ipod that i have on itunes but without deleting the old songs that are still on the ipod

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