What Have You Done For Me Lately, Dubbya?

UnionVoice.org asks Are you better off now than you were four years go?

In his four years, George W. Bush has taken away overtime pay, presided over the first net loss of jobs since Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression, proposed a 30 percent cut in funds for children’s hospitals, sought tax breaks for companies that export jobs overseas and signed a Medicare prescription drug bill that helps HMOs and drug companies more than seniors. He supports privatizing Social Security and has shortchanged the No Child Left Behind Act for education.

Knowing that all politics are local, they provide the following statistics about what George W. Bush has done for New Hampshire:

  • New Hampshire has lost 25,900 manufacturing jobs and 2,800 information jobs since January 2001.
  • New Hampshire has had a net loss of 7,300 jobs since January 2001.
  • 26,736 New Hampshire residents are unemployed — 34.6 percent more than in January 2001.
  • 28,000 more New Hampshire residents were uninsured in 2003 than three years earlier.
  • 17,000 more New Hampshire residents are poor than in 2000.
  • Personal bankruptcies in New Hampshire rose 28.2 percent between 2000 and 2003.

Like the rest of America, New Hampshire has a jobs crisis and a health care crisis. We need a president who will tackle them.

4 thoughts on “What Have You Done For Me Lately, Dubbya?

  1. Wouldn’t the policies of the Governor and the Legislature of the State of New Hampshire have a meaningful impact on the problems that New Hampshire is facing?

    If not, then why do we even have State Government?

  2. why does every politician whether it be state or local have to be crooked.
    taking money from the state to pay for vacations or maybe some of you lying poliies are gamblers huh?
    and the govt places rules and standards to live by for the quote free americans but does it seem like where the only ones following those rules the govt doesnt and the police dpts of this country sure as hell dont.
    does rodney king spark anything for anyone brute excessive force perfect example my brother here in laconia got his ass kicked by a few of our finest for cussing on a cell phone. boot print in his back screwed up neck and he sat in the back of the patty wagon for 2 more calls after they pepper sprayed him.
    so i ask you this why do we have to abide by the rules of one our us govt when they cant even keep our country safe from attack because they cant get there intelligence straight does 911 say anything.
    and now to the cops!!!! serve and protect not beat up and neglect cops think because they have a badge across there titty that they can do whatever they want to who ever they want well guess what i dont think a cheap piece of tin should give you the right to play god.
    so why dont you go back to your primitive donut shops and let reall people take care of reall probloms.

    president bush yay you finally hung saddam do you feel accomplished thats the only thing youve done in your presidentcy you havent followed through on your no child left behind idea huh our schools still dont have enough computers and books and our kids still cant do math or science or english so exactly who was that supposed to help everyone or only a few.
    you know maybe if youd spend 100 million on school funding kids might be able to get the special needs they deserve.
    but no you would rather spend a hundred or more millions on special weapons for war.
    well guess what heres some insight theres more important things than blowing up iraq.

    so inclosing politicians are worthless
    and id like to slap the lyes and decete
    right off there faces.
    and president bush why dont you join the gereatric cheerleading squad cause president isnt your niche pce.

    [tags]the truth[/tags]

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