Grandma Had More Sex

FleshBot pointed to a story in The Guardian that reports on a study by Prima Magazine that suggests married women of today have less sex than married women of the 1950s.

women in the 1950s had sex an average of twice a week. But a survey found two-thirds of today’s women said they were too tired to manage that much.

When I mentioned this to Sandee, she echoed what Prima says about it:

Since then we have started working and often still have to run the home and look after the kids. It’s hard to find the time for sex, and when we go to bed we are too tired to do anything but sleep.

Kids aren’t an issue at MaisonBisson, of course, but Sandee’s perfect world is one in which she can be a full-time home-maker. She would gladly greet me at the door with a drink and a smile when I return from work, she says.

Of course, the problem there is that wages haven’t kept up with inflation, and most households require two or more breadwinners.

21 thoughts on “Grandma Had More Sex

  1. a magazine at the car dealership states that sex is important to the longevity of a marriage – that one must do it on a regular basis even if they are not initally in the mood. maybe having sex 2 times a week also helped the divorce rate remain lower than it is in current times. and many family’s require two bread earners because frequently one or more of them are paying for a previous family as well as the current one…

  2. I do thourougly believe that sex does matter. I have been married for 5 months now and have been with him for 2and a half yrs. HE is the one who says he is tiered or telling me,”you aren’t killing me!” Me personally…..I can’t go much longer like this.Please at least 3,4 times a week every week.

  3. I’ve done an informal survey of all the women I know and trust to answer honestly, on whether or not they could care if they ever have sex again. The results: No’s = 10 Sister, mom, aunts x3, wife, sister in law, sisters 3 good friends. Yes’s = 2. Co-worker and personal friend.

    There you have it! I often feel unwanted and unattractive when turned down (by my wife, I don’t ask the others). Twice a week would be great. Once every 10-14 days sucks, and makes me have impure thoughts…

  4. Previous generations had more sex, their large-sized families are an indication of this. Many women were in a perpetual state of pregnancy.

  5. i just had sex last night with the gf, and
    didn’t get in the usual argument w. the wife
    in the morning… so i think sex does help a marriage … and im sure having it together might help even more!

  6. Previous generations had more sex, their large-sized families are an indication of this. Many women were in a perpetual state of pregnancy

  7. I ove it a least 4 times a week..she dosent .. and i love to giv a good oral sex..performance ..a nice pussy is supeer i need it so much ..genoa ..italy

  8. sex is spritual. One can attain NIRVANA through proper sexing . But the sex lost its divinity in the morden world and sex is mis used and lost the charm

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  10. How absurdly aabnormal is having sex once every 2 months when you’ve been living with your partner for 5 years, I’m high testosterone and she’s an x-hooker. How bizzare!!

  11. My first wife, before a year was out, fit the statistic. Maybe once a week if I begged. After our divorce, (her choice, decided she was a lesbian) I discovered the world was full of women who didn’t think once a week was nearly enough, so when I remarried I made sure it was to one of those thought-types. So sad that so many live in so much frustration. 5 years of marriage and we still get it every day. Personal experience says it’s cultural. Other countries don’t have the same problem, I don’t think.

  12. Sex is what make’s a marriage worke, you and your parner have a probelm . and you have sex, is as if nothing happen

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  14. hello,

    I m having sex twice or thrice a week with my grilfriend, and every time she is giving me more pleassure. its really nice…….

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