80 thoughts on “Serene, Calming Video

  1. I love these the first time I saw it was on a HUGE screen in Math class and it scared me sooo much!!! People jumped and screamed and it was just really funny and cool! Great idea to advertise!

  2. This website sucks. It doesn’t satisfy me!!!!!!
    Everyone don’t go here cuz you want find what your looking for!!!!

  3. I have the vedio along witht the “story” behind it…lol so you can send it to people and they’ll be watching for a “ghost” and listening for someone to scream… hahaha. There really is no ghost or scream but the story is convencing and it makes people watch closely and turn up their volume. So just send me an email @ stargirl23r@aol.com and I’ll send it to you.

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  4. That’s nothin! I have seen the SCARIEST of the SCARIEST! I have that on DVD, computer, everything. Look up Scary Car commercial on google.com and then try a few links.

    For really scary stuff type watch Kikia on google.com and click on the link to albinoblacksheep.com or try out the scary maze game by typing Play the scary maze game on google and click on the link to fugly.com.

    These are only some of THE SCARIEST!

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