Fictional Story Asks: Is There A Right To Life After Death?

The story focuses on the brain as an organ, in this case, an organ donated for medical research after the death of the host.

What has prompted the lawsuits, protests and threats just over one year after the
procedure is not the facts of the initial donation, but the university’s decision to terminate the experiments, and therefore the care, of the brain.

What the [right to life groups] and their supporters claim is that Brian Schultz, the nine-year-old organ donor who legally passed away one year ago, is actually alive and well in the research lab.

The full story, as a PDF, is availble here: Right to Life, After Death?

Let this be clear, this story is fiction. Any resemblance of the events, names,
personalities, places, or organizations in this story to actual names or events is

Alexander Rudzinski is the pen-name du jour of Roderick Russell, a magician, illusionist,
and sword swallower with a professional and personal interest in understanding
consciousness and cognition. “I wrote it as a personal exercise [] to potentially spark
some thought and interesting discussion.”

Mr. Russell can be found at < > .

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