“Try a Florsheim Maneuver”

Quotes from the bookofjoe:

“The bleeding always stops.”

…my favorite of the zillions of wonderful, pithy, often-harsh apothegms I’ve heard in my years in medicine.

There’s more:

“Try a Florsheim maneuver” [kick him to see if he’s dead or faking]

“We won’t know until the autopsy.” [actually spoken on internal medicine rounds by a resident when I was in med school, in response to the question, “What’s he have?” ]

“The patient is the one with the disease.” [said to oneself to calm yourself down when you start to get all worked up about how messed up someone is]

“The first thing to do at a Code Blue is take your own pulse.” [helps to settle you down and let you think more clearly]

“You know you’ve become a good surgeon when, instead of saying ‘Oops,’ you say, ‘There.'”

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