Monday Politics

  • Sex and politics, voter registration at strip clubs

    “Ashcroft used to care more about pornography than terrorism,” says Scot Powe, professor of law at the University of Texas. “The guy is a throwback to the early 50s; maybe that’s being too generous.”


    David Wasserman, a first amendment attorney, [says:] “My fear is that a second Bush administration will unleash a slew of prosecutions against adult entertainment web sites, video stores and producers of adult films.”


    Attorneys who defend free speech say all citizens should be concerned about the government’s crackdown on the adult entertainment industry, even those who are opposed to pornography. “Anytime you start allowing the government to draw lines about indecency, they’ll continue drawing them to put as much speech as possible out of the reach of the average citizen,” says Marv Johnson, legislative council for the American Civil Liberties Union.


  • Films To See Before You Vote

    Veteran filmmaker and curator Jim Browne, of Imagine, said the Films to See Before You Vote Tour aims to help create impromptu film festivals in theaters, college auditoriums, libraries, churches, community centers, retirement centers and private residences all across the country.

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