Eccentric or Autistic, You Decide

Autism Poster.bookofjoe ran a story about Eccentrics by David Weeks. His story is really just a listing of the 15 characteristics of eccentrics as quote from the book, but it makes a good game to calculate how eccentric a person is. Try the list on for size:

  • Nonconforming
  • Creative
  • Strongly motivated by curiosity
  • Idealistic: wants to make the world a better place and the people in it happier
  • Happily obsessed with one or more hobbyhorses (usually five or six)
  • Aware from early childhood that he is different
  • Intelligent
  • Opinionated and outspoken, convinced that he is right and that the rest of the world is out of step
  • Noncompetitive, not in need of reassurance or reinforcement from society
  • Unusual in his eating habits and living arrangements
  • Not particularly interested in the opinions or company of other people, except in order to persuade them to his – the correct – point of view
  • Possessed of a mischievous sense of humor
  • Single
  • Usually the eldest or an only child
  • Bad speller

What isn’t so funny or joyful is his later story about autism, accompanied by the iconic diagnoses sheet pictured at right. Problem is, I score about the same on both of these tests.

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