Korean Thanksgiving

Jong-Yoon Kim emailed to tell me today is Chusok, the traditional Korean thanksgiving day, when families gather and give thanks to their forebears.

According to the lunar calendar, today, sep 28th, is Aug 15th, the Korean thanksgiving day.

Tonight, we will have the biggest and the brightest moon of the year.

Traditionally, we pray to the moon for our hope and believe that the moon will listen to us. Enjoy the moon and have a great day.

Peng-Khuan Chong added:

We shall have a cup of Kuan-yin tea, a slice of moon-cake and write a poem on our moon-wave deck.

I think it was Basho who wrote:
[quote]Since my house burnt
I now own a better view
   Of the rising Moon


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  1. I visited this site while i was searching chusock in korea. reading your thread about this, it may relates with moon fastval that Chinese people celebrate/

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