Home-Made Arcade

Retro Gamer. Old!I found Retro Gamer magazine on the rack last week and couldn’t hep but pick it up. It’s issue six with a feature story on building both stand-up and cocktail arcade cabinets with PCs running MAME (which isn’t to say you couldn’t use a Mac instead).

For now, I want to keep track of these related websites:

  • Check Ultimarc for arcade buttons, sticks, and fancy interfaces to make them work.
  • Real arcade cabinets have coin slots, that’s why this fellow built his own.
  • Happ Controls seems to be the most obvious source for coin mechanisms.
  • StarROMs sells legal ROM files. They’ve currently just got Atari games, and, oddly, they appear to be based in Vermont.
  • Game Cabinets Inc. sells fuly equipped cabinets.