It’s Automotive Week In The Blogs

Pimped-out Asian Trucks, dude.First Gizmodo published a feature on in-car computers. ArsTechnica got into the automotive theme by reporting the International CXT story. Not to be outdone by Gizmodo, Engadget reported on the ultimate car computer install: a Tatra with a Mac in it. For some reason, I went looking at the Tatra car-mod and found Tatra trucks which seemed to connect back to ArsTechnica and Caesar’s gushing about the HEMTT. After all, the largest of the Tatras is called the Kolos (colossal).

Now, and I’m supposed to tie this up smartly and neatly, (via Engadget) I’ve stumbled across some photo galleries of a Japanese truck enthusiast show. Your 1950s Caddy will cry in shame when it sees how out-chromed it is by these things. Your pimped-out ghetto cruiser is nothing compared to their work. American’s seem happy to get a few huge speakers in their ride, these guys put whole stages and rock bands on the truck.

Galleries: one two three four five six seven eight nine ten.

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