The Plastics Museum

Will demonstrates soft plastic Lincoln Log construction techniques.Will Builds A Plastic House.Those In Plastic Houses....

The Plastics Museum is in Leominster, MA, and online at

The National Plastics Center and Museum is a non-profit institution dedicated to preserving the past, addressing the present and promoting the future of plastics through public education and awareness. The educational staff has supported this mission throughout the years by conducting hands-on science programming for schools, organizations and the plastics community.

And, if you’re a lucky kid, your school might get a vist by the PlastiVan:

The PlastiVan program is an internationally acclaimed education program geared for students in grades three through twelve. Our PlastiVans travels throughout the United States, teaching students, educators and the public about the chemistry, history, processing and environmental issues involved with plastics.

Our mission is to preserve the past, address the present and promote the future of plastics through public awareness and education. Our instructors foster an understanding of conventional and unconventional plastic products.

The Plastics Museum slideshow. More photos from MaisonBisson.

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