“I Wanted a Tatra, So I Got A Tatra”

Czech Bro, Big Truck Y'All.Engadget picked up on the story about the Tatra with a Mac in it. I couldn’t help checking for changes since I first saw the story. There’s a new version of DashMac, the control software, and it seems he can now control his car via SMS messages, but most things seem in-line with where he was going.

The thing is, I can’t help but get interested in the car itself. I sort of went gaga for Tatras after seeing the original story and doing some research. And now I discovered Tatra Trucks.

With respect to the recent announcement of the International CXT, I went looking for a Tatra T813 for sale. Yup, it’s big, and TanksForSale has lots of other behemoth vehicles to chose from.






4 thoughts on ““I Wanted a Tatra, So I Got A Tatra”

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  2. Why the blurb about fuel efficiency? Tatra’s are not about fuel efficiency. They are about moving sheer weight and size through any obstacle imaginable. At 4 mpg, unloaded down to .5 mpg loaded, the Tatra is on the other end of the spectrum. the 17L V12 aircooled diesel is a marvel of engineering, as is the rest of the running gear. This is not a truck you drive to work every day, or even perhaps once a week. While they are quite agile and easy to handle, they are extremely large 30 feet long, 8 feet wide, 9 feet high and 30 tons of fun.

    If you don’t wish to spend $300 to fill the tank, convert them over to Biodiesel and make your own fuel. Much more palatable at $0.55 per gallon as opposed to $3.00

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  3. where in the hell can i get a T813. i have been loking on the internet for a while but i cant even find the tatra cars on ebay. if someone can add my e-mail and send me a link to where i can buy one then please do.

  4. In mentioning the ” Hubbert Peak ‘ you are refering to the false asumption that this world will run dry one day of its “Fossil Fuel” you need to go back to science class and relearn what oil is made from, because there is on biological element in crude oil. So please don’t spread propaganda and false statements that are pure political garbage.

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