Project Censored’s Annual Roundup

Project Censored has released their list of the most censored stories of 2003-2004:

We should all be particularly amused/concerned about #11, The Media Can Legally Lie. The story involves Fox, of course, and is about their attempts to force their news staff to cover up a story about the health risks of BGH (bovine growth hormone), a Monsanto product. When Fox fired the team, they filed for whistle blower protection and won, but Fox appealed and won the second round. The precedent set is that the FCC rule that broadcasters cannot distort or lie about facts does not have the weight of law and so the news team didn’t have a right to whistle blower protections in their attempts to support the ‘rule.’

Mike Powell’s FCC could have have filed a brief in support of the whistle blowers, but that’s not his style. Mike Powell’s FCC doesn’t support its own rules.