• The Save Betamax campaign has nothing to do with videotape and everything to do with the fair-use rights that allow us to legally convert CDs to MP3s or legally use Tivo to keep up with our favorite shows. These rights are under siege by content producers who want to charge consumers for every use. Copyfighters look here.
  • Rumors are that OQO will release their Ultra Personal Computer soon.
  • Other rumors suggest that Skype will release a Palm client for their VoIP network next month.
     With SkypOut, their VoIP to PSTN service, I may finally get the Clie VoIP solution that I’ve been looking for.
  • AppleInsider has a couple of interesting galleries of Tiger screenshots [1] and [2].
  • The Importance Of… has an interesting lesson on the difference between Ones and Els, as relates to the CBS memos.
  • Pentax has a new SD videocamera that I’m lusting over for some reason.