High And Mighty

What a Grill.I can’t help but steal the title to Keith Bradsher’s excellent book about the titanic rise of SUVs on our highways. Bradsher, in his 2002 book, makes note of efforts at Freightliner and Mercedes to release uber-SUVs based on the companies’ commercial truck bodies but weighing in at just under the limit at which commercial drivers’ licenses would be required to operate them. Both companies eventually decided against it, but now International is going forward with similar plans.

The International CXT is the latest entry in the super SUV market. At nine feet tall, over 21 feet long, and cruising at six to ten miles per gallon (diesel), it’s the kind of vehicle any Texan could love.

Ars Technica went off-topic to give me the heads up. Along the way, Caesar got all excited about the HEMTT.

Note: an enthusiastic group of fans imports Unimogs independently.