RNC Anarchy

Writer Paul Schmelzer has a list of (civil disobedience?) actions against the RNC in NYC. Among the actions planned: Bikes Against Bush, radio jacking, backback broadcasts, WiFi on wheels, and accurate crowd counts. Crowd counts? It seems government bodies like to undercount the number of people protesting against them, so a few hactivists will be using technology to gather crowd images from above and use image analysis software to do the counting.

Interested? Schmelzer covers it much better, go read his story.

[update]: DefenseTech is reporting the FBI has a plan too. It seems to have started with an “aggressive effort to forestall what officials say could be violent and disruptive protests at the Republican National Convention in New York.” Violence is one thing, but using the law to quash legitimate speech is another. It will be interesting, and probably sad, to see how this turns out.

[update]: Another DefenseTech update talks about the anarcho-hacker Black Hat Hackers Bloc that’s planning to disrupt Republican web sites during the convention and how the NYPD that regularly handles “St. Patrick’s Day and the Puerto Rican Day parade where everyone over the age of 16 is drunk” won’t be troubled by a few “loud talking white boys from Williamsburg” and “their little street theater.”

Here’s the thing: we’ve already seen that most voters have already made up their minds. Those who want Bush won’t be easily swayed. Evidence of his lies, deceit and unfitness for office are ignored by those who worship the cult of Bush. How will some downed websites change that? How will violent or destructive protests help that?