Village Voice: Church of Bush

Bush, all scary like.I started to make noise about this a few weeks ago in my story about Fahrenheit 9/11:

I’m growing increasingly uneasy about the cult-of-Bush-worship that Brittany Spears exemplified in her appearance in Fahrenheit. The Greeks expected questions and debate, so did the Romans before the fall of the republic. Egyptian pharaohs, Mayan emperors, and Soviet premiers may have killed or non-personed those who questioned them, but democracy demands otherwise.

And now Rick Perlstein of the Village Voice (via AlterNet) has a story about The Church of Bush.

Says the tagline:

These are the people who, even in the face of evidence of his casual cruelty, of his unchristian contempt for weakness, of his lying ways, see something angelic in George W. Bush and love him unconditionally.

A friend, who read the story after I forwarded it to him said “you just upped my fear level considerably….”

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