‘Pod Happy

The Apple 4g iPod.The new iPod came Monday. Stepping up to it from the second generation iPod I had is amazing. Most noticeable differences so far: I can now charge from the computer and play music (in the 2g iPod, it locks the interface and flashes “do not disconnect” any time it’s plugged in to a computer), the UI is faster or more responsive and is now customizable (a bit), it pauses playback when the external power supply turns off (especially useful in the car). I haven’t been playing with the on-the-go playlists or made much use of the new games yet, but I’m enormously pleased with everything so far.

Seperately, I’d like to point out this Engadget story about using the iPod as a universal remote. The irony is that the Griffin TotalRemote used in the story was originally planned for the iPod until Apple asked (or told, who knows) Griffin to kill it. Then, there’s this Gizmodo story about the sex/color relationship with the iPod Mini.

Finally, I also have to thank my wife, who insisted that I take the new iPod. It was originally supposed to be hers, but she traded for my old 2g 10GB ‘Pod. Now she’s carrying around the iPod she had engraved in my name, and I’ve got hers, engraved with her name. It sort of makes sense.

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