These Aren’t Cubes

The Volume Macropod and Stuff.Also at Gizmodo: the Volume Macropod. They’re like cubicles, but cooler. They’re mobile, but useful. Ad agency Chiat-Day made big news about giving up structured offices and such back around 1995 [CNN Story & story].

The point, of course, is to have people working out of cube farms because they’re cheaper, cheaper, cheaper. Problem is, they feel cheap and they make employees feel unvalued. According to the CNN story: “employees who were […] looking forward to having a regular office the way they always thought it was going to be, and then they don’t have that. And also there are some managers […] who’ve worked long and hard to have a corner office or an office with a window and all of the sudden there’s no office like that. So an office is a very big symbol for people and how they fit into a company.”

So, is the Volume Macropod both sexy enough and functional enough to break through? The promo video makes it look good. I can’t believe it, but I want one.

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