Apple Fusses Over Fuse

Fuse Ads.Fuse, a music TV network trying to compete with MTV by actually playing music videos done some bilboards in NYC that look a lot like Apple’s silhouette ads, but with people pole dancing and masturbating and stuff. Gizmodo came through and posted images of the ads so low brow people outside NY (like me) could be further corrupted by them (I’m not complaining here). Let’s hear it for Gizmodo. Yeah!

Of course, some people may find Fuse’s new series of ads to be in poor taste. In that case, I can’t suggest looking at their previous ad campaign, as reported by How can it go wrong with tag lines like “I saw the light. It was a TV and it had music videos on it. — Tammy Faye, first lady of televangelism.”

One thought on “Apple Fusses Over Fuse

  1. I don’t know how Apple reacted, but they should be delighted by that. With no outlay risk to themselves, they are getting a secondary advertising effect through mimicry.

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