This Land

Greg & Evan Spiridellis oever at Jib Jab have put together a damn funny flash movie about the presidential race.

From the lyrics:

Kerry: “You can’t say ‘nuclear,’ that really scares me. Sometimes a brain can come in quite handy”

Bush: “you’re a liberal sissy”
Kerry: “you’re a right wing nut job”
Bush: “you’re a pinko commie”
Kerry: “you’re dumb as a doorknob”
Bush: “hey, you got that botox”
Kerry: “but I still won three purple hearts”

That last bunch of insults from the cartoon helps frame the debate: What do you fear more: an intelligent, contemplative (perhaps metrosexual) president with real military credentials, or a dumb-sounding, dumb-appearing, evil-doing, Air National Guard deserting president? Ah, just watch the video.

5 thoughts on “This Land

  1. I think this spoof of the U.S. Elections is really funny, and it is one of the best computer spoofs I have ever seen.

  2. Blogging Community outraged by Jib Jab’s Budweiser piece! Jib Jab, which became a popular site during the past presidential election has now received a corporate sponsorship from Budweiser.

    The blogsphere is upset that they owners of Jib Jab, who clearly stated they would never “sell out” are now working for Bud. Bloggers lash back with the following anti-Jib Jab clip and a slew of online chatter:

    Anti-Jib Jab clip:

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