You Can Take It With You: DVDs on Palm/Clie

DVDs on Palm.Junglemike has an interesting post on compressing video for Palm playback at the 1src Forums (n the ClieSource Forums):

This guide explains in detail how you can prepare video to watch on you Palm handheld. It [is usefull] for converting full-length 1.5-2 hour movies to be stored on even a small 128mb sd-card with uperior quality.

Let me not fail, however, to mention that this seemingly harmless and legal use of technology puts users smack in the middle of the biggest land (property) war since Napoleon invaded Russia. Content shifting has been protected under fair-use since Sony won its case against the movie studios shortly after releasing Beta VCRs (Sony has since switched sides on this issue). Since then, portions of the DMCA have created strong limits on the consumer’s ability to exercise fair-use, and a new bill, the INDUCE Act, will criminalize it.

Read about the Digital Media Consumer’s Rights Act, the DMCRA, and consider telling your senators and representatives that you support it.

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