The incident

The front the shocks and coil springs slowed the downward thrust of the front suspension as inertia, stable just moments before, pitches the vehicle forward. A small, unconscious rightward twitch of the steering wheel is amplified by tires which, at this moment, have greater than normal mechanical advantage. The turn, though slight, moves the center of gravity even farther forward and now to the left. The rear of the vehicle, lightly weighted under normal conditions, is riding at the full extension of the rear leaf springs. No longer held firmly to the ground, the rear tires begin to chirp as they skitter across the pavement. The front of the vehicle, having responded to the steering wheel, is moving right while the rear of the vehicle continues straight along the former path of the vehicle. The unsecured contents of the passenger seat are tossed leftward with the rest of the vehicle.

The nature of the following decision is not committed to memory, but conscious or unconscious, instinctive or planned, I turn the wheel left slightly, carefully, to the left and release the brake. The center of gravity shifts closer to the center and, unloaded, the shocks fight against the spring’s attempts to bounce the vehicle like a bobble head. Another small steering correction, and my foot back on the gas, I return to normal travel.

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