Fahrenheit 9/11

Fahrenheit 9/11 Poster.We expect Fox News And the Washington Times to hate it, but the reaction from the left seems to prove the old adage that a liberal wouldn’t join his or her own side in an argument. My own arguments against it relate to how little new information it revealed. The audience at the show I saw laughed hysterically at the images of our government primping themselves for the camera and generally looking dim, but the facts of the film have been well reported in previous works. Collectively, Bushwacked, Lies, and The Iron Triangle all lead the reader to the same conclusion Moore comes to. These authors’ references show a diversity of well researched primary sources — including government documents and qualified informants — that paint a fairly clear picture. It’s this brush that Moore uses for Fahrenheit 9/11.

The right’s response to this has been ad hominem attacks and undetailed denials. National security, they say, prevents them from revealing all the facts. Whatever. It’s sad to think that conservatives need to be reminded that the basis of a democratic society is free and open debate. And while character assassinations play well on Fox, they don’t disprove the argument or negate the fact.

So here’s my point: if Moore and the authors of the many dozens of other works critical of this administration are wrong, then prove it.

Until then, let me just say that I’m growing increasingly uneasy about the cult-of-Bush-worship that Brittany Spears exemplified in her appearance in Fahrenheit. The Greeks expected questions and debate, so did the Romans before the fall of the republic. Egyptian pharaohs, Mayan emperors, and Soviet premiers may have killed or non-personed those who questioned them, but democracy demands otherwise.

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  1. Farenheit 9/11 contradicts itself. As Christopher Hitchins stated in a colum for slate.com:

    “It must be evident to anyone, despite the rapid-fire way in which Moore’s direction eases the audience hastily past the contradictions, that these discrepant scatter shots do not cohere at any point. Either the Saudis run U.S. policy (through family ties or overwhelming economic interest), or they do not. As allies and patrons of the Taliban regime, they either opposed Bush’s removal of it, or they did not. (They opposed the removal, all right: They wouldn’t even let Tony Blair land his own plane on their soil at the time of the operation.) Either we sent too many troops, or were wrong to send any at all—the latter was Moore’s view as late as 2002—or we sent too few. If we were going to make sure no Taliban or al-Qaida forces survived or escaped, we would have had to be more ruthless than I suspect that Mr. Moore is really recommending. And these are simply observations on what is “in” the film. If we turn to the facts that are deliberately left out, we discover that there is an emerging Afghan army, that the country is now a joint NATO responsibility and thus under the protection of the broadest military alliance in history, that it has a new constitution and is preparing against hellish odds to hold a general election, and that at least a million and a half of its former refugees have opted to return. I don’t think a pipeline is being constructed yet, not that Afghanistan couldn’t do with a pipeline. But a highway from Kabul to Kandahar—an insurance against warlordism and a condition of nation-building—is nearing completion with infinite labor and risk. We also discover that the parties of the Afghan secular left—like the parties of the Iraqi secular left—are strongly in favor of the regime change. But this is not the sort of irony in which Moore chooses to deal.”

    There’s plenty of strong, legitimate, policy issues to criticise George W. Bush on, why in the left are you sinking to ad homiem attacks, and inconsistent facts? You guys are smarter then that.

  2. If i will be in a gud seet i will gave such a person a noble a ward he has done such a nice hard work just to inform the public from the reality going on in real for both muslims and non muslims it is not a holy war but a war of mony and economy in which the individuals are sacrifisin.
    i once again say thanx to such a great person for such a hard work he has done

  3. So here’s my point: if Moore and the authors of the many dozens of other works critical of this administration are wrong, then prove it.

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