More Japanese Ice Cream

All the yummy flava.

I got all excited about some unappealing Japanese ice cream flavors when I found the story in Mainichi Daily News a while ago. I thought the lineup of fish, octopus, squid, ox tongue, sweet potato, fried eggplant, crab, corn, rice, wasabi, shrimp, eel, noodle, chicken wing, miso, and cactus flavored ice cream had everything pretty well covered, but now MDN has done it again. They’ve put up a new gallery of 21 flavors of ice cream you’re unlikely to find in the US:

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8 thoughts on “More Japanese Ice Cream

  1. You will soon be able to find some of these weird flavors in the us, actually in wiscsonsin. my family ownes a coffee shop and we make our own gelato. we already make quiness stout, olive oil and sea salt and sweet corn. and of course many other crazy flavors. On october 13th we are doin a wacky gelato night kind of like fear factor. We are going to be doing some of these flavors…
    chocolate covered ants, wasabi tomato basil lox and cream cheese, a breakfast platter (egg bacon and whole wheat) yes this is all gelato!! So if anyone is around stop bye for a real fun time!!

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