Beef T-Shirts Rock

The Famous MaisonBisson/Cellophane T-Shirts Beef* Logo T-Shirt.Beef t-shirts coming back: it was quite a while ago now that my Cafe Press shop was the top Google result for beef t-shirt. Worse, I haven’t linked to the shop from MaisonBisson for a while either. So it was something of a surprise to discover that the products are still selling. Yes, real people are buying these laughable t-shirts and other crap. They’ve been shipped to California, Illinois, Ohio, and Oklahoma (as well as a few to me here in New Hampshire). Somebody from the UK tried to hork a few shirts on a bogus credit card not long ago, but Cafe Press took care of that.

So, here’s my point: put a beef t-shirt or cellophane t-shirts link on your page and I’ll gladly link back. It will take hard work and determination, but I’m convinced we can regain the top Google ranking for beef t-shirts.

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