aggregates book mentions on the web, mostly in blogs. Assuming bloggers can be trusted, the AllConsuming stats can show a lot about what people are reading and talking about. David Sedaris’ new book Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim is ranking with 22 mentions today and 15 the day before (or, that’s what it was when I checked it last night). Dan Brown’s The Davinci Code consistently ranks near the top of each day, and both these books will get bosted a notch when AllConsuming trolls me again today.

All Consuming is a website that visits recently updated weblogs every hour, checking them for links to books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Sense, and other book sites. Every book on this site has a list of all the weblogs that have mentioned it, and every weblog that has mentioned books in the past also has a page here listing which books it has mentioned.

It’s more than a website, it’s also a set of web services by a guy who seems to know his way around XML, SOAP, RSS and other incredibly useful acronyms. He even authored some chapters in Amazon Hacks from O’Reilly press. Anyway, call me a fan.

[url=]AllConsuming’s info for Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim[/url]

[url=]AllConsuming’s info for The Davinci Code[/url]

[url=]AllConsuming’s info for Amazon Hacks[/url]