Vegas Links 2004

Now that the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation’s Atomic Testing Museum. is open, you don’t have to wait for the DOE’s occaisional tours of the test site to get your radiation fix. Lawrence Livermore National Lab has a review of the new museum.

We caught a show at the Amargosa Opera House (official site) in Death Valley, just a short drive west of Vegas. The Opera House deserves a story of its own and the views and scenery of Death Valley are just beautiful.

Getting around Vegas is easy; a simple Vegas strip map is all you need. Meanwhile, it’s fun to look at the conventions and conferences that will be running during your stay.

We never made it to this fondue restaurant, and I didn’t make it to the site of a 1988 rocket fuel explosion (reported in this 1997 story about a similar accident). My suspicion is that the site of the explosion and the old rocket fuel production facility has since been leveled and casinos built there.

Photo galleries and videos of our trip are online.

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