10 thoughts on “Thank Chank

  1. its difficult to put myself into words… lets give it a try… i am not a simple kind of person… infact very complicated. i am a combination of tradition n fashion. i m very fun loving n cheerful but decent too. i hate to make mistakes n i m quality oriented. i m very happy go lucky sort of person. i m not nosy as i hate interfering in anyone’s life. i try to keep people around me happy. i love cooking, eating, shopping, make up n cricket. i m a true bollywood fan. peple say that i am a good host n organiser n i beleive them. i appear very serious n attitudish. i am very shy at a new place n never initiate talking to people but as soon as i find people of my type then i make gud friends. i donot like to be rushed at the last moment so i plan ahead. i am a bit short tempered but i keep my anger to myself. i dnt trouble anyone. well, what else???? yes, i m a good driver also.. lastly, i m very very very religious too. i regurlarly meditate n attend satsang.

    i was born n brought up in india(punjab). i have an elder sister n a younger brother. my sis is married n staying in melbourne wid her in laws. i m studying in melbourne(accounting). my brother is doing his B. Tech n india. my father migrated to U. A. E 30yrs ago. currently he owns a travelling agency in Dubai. he visits india frequently. we have ancestral property in punjab.
    my mother is a house wife n religious like me. one thing that i love to my death is my dad. i can do anything for him.
    dats al about me n my family….

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