Update On Pen Twirling

I did a story on the practice of pen twirling in Japan a couple years ago. Since then I have received an email from Pierre Etienne Bastouil who is trying to organize a pen twirling competition in Paris. Despite the popularity of the sport in Japan, he’s having some difficulty finding skilled pen twirlers in Europe. So the call is out, interested pen twirlers should contact me and I will forward you on to Pierre.

In other news, those interested in learning pen twirling might look at the following sites:
Richard D. Ma’s 1999 article for FM magazine.
Pentrix and Penstudioz both offer more detail and how-tos for more complex tricks.
Also, thanks to Wannalearn.com for some of these website pointers.

8 thoughts on “Update On Pen Twirling

  1. i’m a 21 years old black male living in philadelphia, i’ve been doing pen tricks for 10 years and i was never taught by anyone or did i know other people even did it until recently, if there is a competition then i want to be in it, there is no one better than me, i want to go agaisnt the best of the best, i do tricks no one else does cause i made them up with no help, so please if there is a comp. give me a chance, and i will take the title. its funny i’ve been training for this most of my life and didn’t even know it, life is so unpredictable. i hope to hear from someone soon.

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