Aside from all the other online dictionaries, Scrabble players may be interested in the following sites:

Hasbro’s word lists for tough times (including Q without U, two letter words, X words, and more).’s tools for word games is a collection of web apps that would be handy to use (if it were legal to do so) during a game. Mark has developed a number of word lists and other scrabble tools. And we can’t ignore the word lists from the Internet Scrabble Club or the ENABLE dictionary.

Palm users may be interested in Scrabble for Palm and the ENABLE Scrabble dictionary for Palm.

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    • Hello.
      Please could someone help with a registration code for GHScrabble, ’cause the one pasted above does not work.

  1. please…please…give me a registered name,licensed key or serial number for SPINTOP scrabble and boggle game. a lots of thanks!!

  2. please…
    can anyone give me a license key and code for GH scrabble,
    2003 edition pleaseeee!!!!!!!!

  3. i don’t have any money to purchase one… so please!!!
    i really just want to play it very much, but i can’t afford to
    have one. please!!! thank you so much!!!

  4. please…
    can anyone give the license name and code of GH scrabble?
    2003 edition, co’z i can’t afford to have one but i like to play it./
    so please!!! i don’t have enough money to buy it…
    pleeaaasssseeee!!!! thank you so much!!!

  5. please…can you also give me a liscense name and code for GH scrabble. i really wanted to play it unlimited but i dont have the money to purchase it..please, im begging you..publish it on this website or send it to my email. your help will be greatly appreciated….thank you in advance.

  6. please…please…give me a registered name,licensed key or serial number for Yahoo/arcade scrabble. a lots of thanks!!

  7. pls, i want to know the licence key or serial number of yahoo/arcade scrabble
    and spintop scrabble and monopoly game

  8. Could someone please send me the cd-key # to my scrabble online game….I recently got a new computer and I need to reload my scrabble game and I can’t find the box with the papers in it. Thanks

  9. I love gamehouse Hasbro scrabble game, but I am told they will not sell it outside North America. I am in Nairobi, Kenya… and so desperate to own the game. What can i do to have the registration/license details sent to me? Thank you. EN

  10. i would like the key to spintop GH scrabble(recent version). Iam just in love wit this game n above all this site!!

  11. The answer is this and please past this to all the poor people.

    Licence Name: Scrabble
    Licence Code: MDGSFEM9DDMNJSC

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