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GPhone is a bust for me, at least for now, but other solutions are available. Ars Technica pointed out an 802.11b wireless VoIP phone from Zyxel. Then there’s the Vocera VoIP communicator badge that everybody at Dartmouth College uses. They were happy to show it off during the Unleashed Wireless Conference they hosted last Fall.

[UPDATED]: The VoIP market is heating up. Vonage is set to offer a wireless phone soon to help compete against AT&T’s new entry into the VoIP market. Then there’s VoicePulse and Packet8 also making a play in the full-service residential/small business VoIP market.


Subject: RE: Sales Inquiry
From: Yotam Levine
Date: March 22, 2004 6:38:26 PM EST


Here is the latest information on the Prestige 2000W VoIP WiFi Phone:

The Prestige 2000W WiFi phone enables people to make telephone calls through the internet in conjunction with a Session Initiation Protocol (SIPv2) server. Depending on which SIP server the user subscribes to, one may also be able to make phone calls to POTS and cellular phone subscribers as well.

The Prestige 2000W uses 802.11b wireless transmission standards and requires a wireless access point for internet calls. Additionally, phones can be used without SIP service within a local network to provide IP to IP calling and intercom functionality. Also, Prestige 2000W phones can be configured in an ad-hoc configuration for use without access points.

Currently the Prestige 2000W is slated for a late April / early May release. Unfortunately, no pricing is available at this time, but more information will be presented closer to the official public release.

The Prestige 2000W is currently slated for sale through ZyXEL’s normal distribution and sales channels. For more information on where to buy ZyXEL products, use the URL below:


Please frequent the ZyXEL North American web site at [url=http://www.us.zyxel.com]www.us.zyxel.com[/url] for more updates. Currently the Prestige 2000W is not presented on our North American web site, but we will update this as the product becomes ready for North American release.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. Thanks for your interest in ZyXEL!


Yotam Levine
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Visit us at [url=http://www.us.zyxel.com]http://www.us.zyxel.com[/url]

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  1. I have been unsuccessfully trying to configure my Prestige 2000W with the Vonage softphone. I will appreciate it so much if anyone can point me out to a proper Prestige 2000W setup. The Vonage tech support does not provide answers in support of anything which is not sold by Vonage.
    For reply, please use my email address dve1218@hotmail.com

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