Clie Memory Stick, Playing Videos, and More…

The Lexar 256MB Memory Stick arrived. It sucks. It’s not really a 256 MB stick, it’s 2 x 128MB, and you have to flick a little switch to choose which 128MB you want to use at any moment. Let me be more clear: you can only use 128MB at a time, and you have to eject the card and flip a switch to select the other 128MB. I don’t know if it’s returnable, but I think I’ll try.

I did find that Nick Coday records and encodes videos for Clie. They look pretty good, but file sizes are larger than I expected. I still don’t know how to encode my own videos into a compatible mp4 format, and Nick’s vids won’t open in QuickTime on my computer. They error with “an audio elementary stream descriptor is corrupted/expected type=0x65736473 (‘esds’); found type=0x00000000 instead.” They play on the Clie anyway.

Unrelated to videos, Mapopolis makes an interesting looking map application that works with or without GPS. SuperUtility allows you to delete read-only and protected files from your Palm. The iGo Pitch Solo is a universal Palm and Pocket PC presentation adapter that plugs in via USB.

5 thoughts on “Clie Memory Stick, Playing Videos, and More…

  1. i have memory stick of 128 mb .
    i had recorded a 30 mins video but i had
    deleted it i want to play it again
    please guide to re play it.

    looking forward

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