Mac & Palm/Clie GPS, Maybe

Just learned of the Rayming TripNav TN-200 GPS receiver. It’s the type that has no display or UI and must connect to a computer (via USB) to be useful. It’s Mac compatible and it appears there’s a slight variation (the TN-204) that works with Sony Clie Palm compatible handhelds. The problem is, the company website is down now and I can’t get detailed information from the other sites. Yes, Google Cache has info, but that’s more frustrating than helpful. Of course, Amazon doesn’t carry it, so I can’t view the reader reviews there.

What I really want is a receiver that will work with both. But perhaps I’m just dreaming. Then there’s also the question of what happened to Sony’s Clie GPS cradle?

Finally, none of this would be an issue if I hadn’t also just read about TomTom GPS navigation software for Palm.

Links to cables and connectors and stuff:
[url=]Cables for Delorme’s USB EarhtMate[/url]. Could they be compatible with the TN-200 GPS too? [url=]Adapter cables for Magellan GPS units[/url]. I have access to one of these, and it might be better to just buy that cable. And [url=]many, many cables of all varieties for Clie[/url].

In a almost entirely unrelated vein, there are at least two Palm MP3 player apps ([url=]AeroPlayer[/url] and [url=]Pocket Tunes[/url]) that support Shoutcast style MP3 radio streams. Of course, neither of them came with my Clie and the software that did come with it doesn’t support streaming. I’m not sure how much I’d use it, but the idea of wirelessly streaming audio from my desktop to a hip-mounted Clie and headphones sounds like it could entertain me for at least a few minutes.

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